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Design-Build-Support 345 Technology

We design, build, modernise and
support enterprise-grade applications and platforms for the Azure cloud.

We’re custom-built to deliver the toughest software projects. Our UK-based crews have a uniquely high ratio of architects to developers.

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Our applications manage data at
a serious scale and our reputation for excellence in integration joins it all seamlessly together.

Battle-hardened processes make all the difference. There’s done, done well and then there’s done the 345 Technology way. 

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DevOps at 345 Technology

Why 345 embraces DevOps

Collaboration cracks it Here at 345 Technology we believe that the toughest challenges can be solved when highly skilled people work together, trust each other

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3 directors at 345 technology

We’ve got a bee in our bonnet about building a software consultancy unlike any other.

Part of that is having an unusually high ratio of permanent people to contractors so we can build a high trust culture of honesty, learning and respect.

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