Great people who really know their stuff

If you’re expecting techhies that are afraid of the daylight you’re in for a surprise! 

Where we came from and what we’re about

The 345 Systems partnership was founded in 2015, primarily as a consultancy but also to provide independent tech/software input. In 2019, as a recognition of our success, purpose and vision, 345 Systems LLP became 345 Technology Limited.

Our directors

Our three founding directors have over 100 years of software development and engineering experience between them! Disillusioned with the industry big boys who charge enormous fees for bums on seats but don’t always give you value for money, 345 was formed to help clients to create game changing high performance software.

As a team

As a team, we like getting stuff done and done really well. You’ll notice we say it, as it is, which means we won’t just tell you what you want to hear! We are brilliant at what we do, we’re independent and we don’t believe in cheap fixes and short cuts. More important than perhaps any of that, we’re good people who are easy to work with and we try not to take ourselves too seriously!

What we think matters


People matter, even more than good wine, sourdough and allotments and that’s saying something! (It’ll all make sense when you read our director profiles!)  


Some might say we’re also a little bit obsessed with Software Engineering practices and methodology. And that’s because we are. In fact, we’ve developed our own because nothing out there met our high standards.


Granted it sounds like a bit of a cliché but over the last few years, 345 has developed a very strong sense of purpose:  to help millions by using technology, data and analytics.

The small stuff

20% of software coding is responsible for 80% of use; day-in, day-out. The software’s day job. The happy path. Everyone can do this. But the other 80% of software coding is actually the bit that makes software truly reliable, the bit that costs, the bit that often doesn’t get priced for, the bit that often doesn’t get done.​

This 80% is the bit that cracks and breaks under strain. Or it can create true reliability, permit real scale and deliver performance. And this is what we do that others often don’t. The 80%. More important than people think.

This is the stuff that matters to us, and if it matters to you too then please read more about What We Stand For!