About us

We are custom built for the toughest software engineering projects

Our story

Where it all began

345 Technology was started by three software engineers who worked together at Microsoft in a dream team that tackled the most difficult projects, with impressive results.

Do great work

It was such a rewarding experience that they set up 345 to recreate that magic. A tight-knit crew of professionals with a commitment to quality, inspiring each other to do great work. No egos. Everyone pulling together to achieve a common goal. 

Best at the tough stuff

We’re trusted to deliver the toughest projects. Everyone at 345 has to live up to that promise. So when it comes to recruitment, we hold ourselves to a really high standard. People stay because they know they’ll do the best work of their career here, with peers they respect.

A little different

With 100% UK-based crews, a higher ratio of architects to developers and a higher ratio of permies to contractors, we do look a little different from other consultancies. We’re very proud of this.  Add in our founding purpose to deliver a deeply rewarding experience, and that’s 345 in a nutshell.

We do things properly

At 345, we’ll take on the hardest technology projects and still manage to stay human!


Before we begin, we sit down with you and listen carefully to what you’re trying to achieve and what’s stopping you from getting there.


We get to know your systems, applications and processes then meticulously plan and agree exactly what we’re going to do, taking potential risks and variables into account.


We’ll work closely with you to anticipate, plan and test, so that we can reliably predict performance of the solutions that we build.


We’ll be honest, we’ll be supportive, we’ll be responsive. We want this to be a successful, rewarding process for everyone involved.


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  • We treat each other right

    You, your colleagues and the client. Working as a team with empathy, respect and honesty, we inspire each other and do our best work together.

  • We do things properly

    We create work that we want to show our friends. We do detail. We do hard. We do what’s right, not what’s easy.

  • We make the difference

    We step forward, make it count and own the outcome. Confident in ourselves and each other to deliver brilliant work.

  • We push ourselves to improve

    We commit to constantly learn and grow. We give and receive supportive, honest feedback.

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Why choose 345?

  • 345 Technology is custom-built to tackle those difficult software engineering projects that cannot afford to fail

  • Supplying dedicated 345 crews with unusually high architect:developer and permie:contractor ratios is a vital part of how we do this

  • Yes, we’re seriously technical, but we make a point of listening very carefully to what you need and we won’t hide behind jargon

I’d like to talk about my technology project

Meet the crew

Brought together by a single-minded determination to do our best work here and now.

Growing and constantly learning together. Working hard while having fun.

It’s all a journey – so why not come and join us?

Why we’re called 345

5000 years ago, the Ancient Egyptians knew that 3, 4 and 5 formed the perfect right angle. This allowed them to build the most enduring structures.

We’re called 345 after the Pythagorean Theorem. Because designing and building in the right way stands the test of time.  Rock solid process, attention to detail and extreme clarity. When you do things in the right way, you can build anything.

Here at 345, we do things properly, using solid engineering principles. So you can be confident that your architecture and software are built to last.

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