Are You Our Kind Of Person?

About Us

We’re constantly on the lookout for talented techs to work with 345, both permanent and contract. You can use the link below to register your interest but before you whip out your keypad to apply, please read more about What We Stand For first.

We’re not interested in just recruiting. We’re interested in finding the right people.  People like us who get a thrill out of improving the lives of millions, and who share our values about standards, high quality and work ethics. And a good sense of humour would help.

Are we your kind of people?

Have a read and get a feel for us. We’re at the top of our game, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously or be too techy. That said, we love learning and sharing our knowledge and experience with others. We do’ers and we like detail. We sweat the small stuff.  We’re told that we’re very easy to get along with and that makes us happy!

Still reading? Great, here’s the link again to register your interest: