Meet the Crew

Meet some of our crew

We like to think of ourselves as ordinary, decent folk who just happen to have a talent for tech and software!

Lover of large-scale software conundrums and dealing with data on a massive scale. So clever they gave him a doctorate (but don’t hold that against him!) 

Paul Brown

Paul Brown


Technology junkie who gets his kicks out of integration, enterprise architecture and building high performance data platforms! No doctorate yet but he did win Winchester Allotmenteer of the Year 2019! 

James Hockey

James Hockey


Masterful software developer, solution and enterprise architect and development lead, and owner of an extremely nutty dog! 

Danny Hayter at 345

Danny Hayter

Business Development Manager

Problem solver with a passion to help. Finding business pain points and relieving them with the right tech solution. Lover of sport (until the legs say otherwise).

Andy Norris at 345 Technology

Andy Norris

Principal Consultant

Andy excels at designing and delivering the most complex, high-performing systems.  If you need a system to be bulletproof, perform under extreme load, or survive the IT equivalent of a nuclear blast, Andy’s your man. A petrolhead and lifelong Porsche afficionado, recently moved to be nearer to his favourite motor racing track.


Andy Catchpole Headshot

Andy Catchpole

Programme Test Manager

Andy is a software test superhero who possesses a rare set of qualities to elevate quality assurance to a strategic level.  Also passionate about rugby and heavy metal.

Ben Shotter at 345 Technology

Ben Shotter

Technical support manager

Since having to hang up his football boots, Ben now gets his kicks out of helping customers solve their problem and is always happy to work with the team to ensure it’s a massive SCORE! for everyone. Ben also spends many hours training his talented football-mad twins, set to one day be the next England team heroes! 

Andrew Chastell at 345 Technology

Andrew Chastell

senior consultant

An integration technology enthusiast, excels in simplifying the complex and doing things the right way. A keen footballer, cyclist and long standing Scout Leader with a passion for the great outdoors.

Sally Birch

Sally Birch

Non Functional Test Architect

A passionate Test Manager with superstar skills in orchestrating and extracting testing excellence. Horse riding, weight lifting, car loving… yes, she’s a Sally that drives a Ford Mustang, it had to be done!

Sivaranga Pasupuleti

Sivaranga Pasupuleti

Senior Test Engineer

Siva is a quality assurance specialist, who relishes in delivering testing that will blow the minds of mere mortals. Passionate about sports and cooking, a big fan of cricket and badminton on the weekends.

Isobel Dix

Isobel Dix

Head of People

Like only she can, Isobel gathers people like slower moving Heads of Talent gather dust. You’ll usually find her outdoors – whether she’s getting to know our next great 345er, speed-walking spaniels or just staring at the moon/gazing at a sunrise.

Paul Warwick

Paul Warwick

Senior Consultant

Paul fuses his extensive product lifecycle skills with the power of 345 on Azure.
An upcycler and upgradier of old hifi, Paul is a proud hoarder of vinyl and books, and an enthusiastic gig-goer.

Carl Bothma at 345 Technology

Carl Bothma

Delivery manager

A maestro at ensuring every project runs like a dream, a veritable virtuoso in orchestrating Agile harmony across a team… you’ll know everything is going to be alright with Carl around!  Loud music lover, found every year doing  ‘running man’ at Download Festival.

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