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BizTalk Migrator 2020 Images - Webinar 1 first view 1
BizTalk Migrator Tool

Webinar Series #1: BizTalk Migrator is released! First view here! 3rd November 2pm GMT

As you know – we’ve been following the BizTalk Migrator ever since the private preview was announced at Integrate in May 2020.  Microsoft have now announced the release of the tool.

The good news is…the wait is finally over!  Following hot on the heels of the BizTalk Migrator’s launch we’re going to take you through your first tour of the BizTalk Migrator so you get to experience how it works and what you need to do to get started.

We’ll cover off the following:

Running against a sample scenario
Viewing the report
Deploying the output

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