Episode 16: Data Science South Coast – Introduction to Data Lakes

In this episode of the podcast we are again at the Data Science South Coast meetup.  This time I’m presenting an Introduction to Data Lakes.

Introduction to Data Lakes wide

We live in a world of Big Data.  It’s such an obvious thing to say we almost stop thinking about it.  What I talk about in this presentation is the thinking behind how you build Big Data into your architecture.  

Here are some of the things I cover in the presentation:

  • What is a data lake?
  • Why would you need one?
  • What you would put in one?
  • How you would build one?
  • What you do when you’ve got one?
  • What does one cost?
  • What problems should you avoid?

The answers are interwoven with examples of how data makes a difference to your business.

You can find a copy of the slides: Introduction to Data Lakes.

Check out the video or audio version below…

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