High Impact Results

We bring you real tangible results

345 is all about getting you the results that matter for you rather than talking about technology.  We call it CPR for your applications – Cost, Performance and Reliability.

Cost and Efficiency

When you feel that you’re not getting the results you should from the money you’re spending, talk to 345 about how we can help you fix your budget.


We’ve helped some big players in this industry to handle the huge amounts of data being generated on a daily basis through their operations, creating high performance solutions that make it easier to manage infrastructure worldwide.


Applications that are unreliable cost you twice – wasted effort by your staff and dissatisfied customers.  See how 345 can help your business run smoothly.

It’s not just a passion for technology, it’s a passion to use technology to change the world for the better

Cost and Efficiency Improvement

345 focuses on delivering great software, no matter who you are. As 345 is involved with many industry sectors we can cross-fertilize ideas so you benefit from the best in each. Here are some examples of industries that we work with.

Development Costs

Are your development costs too high, or progress too slow?  Try the 345 Method to identify the areas that are costing you in your development lifecycle and get them fixed.

Operational Costs

Operational costs can spiral due to inefficiencies or problems requiring hands-on intervention.  We can help you find where your operational costs are going and get them lower.

Capital Costs

There are times when you bake in your cost of capital, usually around major new projects or upgrade cycles.  Help us get a grip on your capital costs so you can focus your investment on your customers.

“Reduce costs in 3 main areas: Development, Operations and Capital.”

Performance Improvement

345 have extensive experience in performance engineering, and we have distilled this knowledge into our internal guide, “Fundamentals of Performance Engineering”.  Here’s how your business will benefit from some performance engineering:

Do Work Faster

Improve your customer experience by processing their work faster, so they don’t have to wait as long.  Make staff more productive by giving them near-instant results.  Performance gives you benefits right across your business.

With Less Hardware

Even if you’re in the cloud, your apps are still using hardware.  The difference is in whether you know where it is and how you pay for it.  More performance equals less hardware, saving you costs.


Demand doesn’t stay flat, so it doesn’t make sense to run idle systems most of the time because you sometimes get a peak in work.  Scale your compute power to demand and respond to the needs of your business.

"Performance gives you benefits right across your business."


345 have many years’ experience building high-availability mission-critical systems, where reliability is key and 

Waste Less Effort

When your systems are unreliable your staff often need to perform manual tasks to get things working again.  Put an end to this repetitive, time-consuming wasted effort and concentrate on what adds value.

Happy Customers

We all expect high standards of service, and we’re increasingly intolerant of being let down.  Keep your customers happy, not frustrated, by giving them a reliable and smooth service every time.

Happy Staff

No-one likes working with systems that are on the blink, it’s demotivating and frustrating.  Keep your staff happy and productive by making sure the systems they are working with are reliable and fault-free.