High-Performance Systems Integration

Maybe data is causing you one massive headache and you feel like you’re moving through treacle. In which case your reality probably feels a bit like this at the moment:

Pressure Overload Warning

As your data world gets more complex, your system is starting to crack. Increased transactions, sudden spikes and regular crashes mean you often wake up in a cold sweat and multiple integrations make it feel like handling a fragile house of cards.

Test Report Failed

Your software systems failed performance testing once running at scale, a new system has hit serious problems or new security and updates have left your nerves and your budget seriously frayed.

In short, poor performance, missed deadlines, customer unhappiness and regulator fines are beginning to feel like your middle name!

345 Strategy - Fix - Build

Cracking the code

As technology has evolved, systems have sometimes been patched together to cope. And when put under pressure, understandably things start to crack. It might be easy to paper over the cracks in the short term. But not figuring out what bit of code is causing you the most trouble and doing something about it, is one of the most expensive mistakes that a development team can make.

Our obsession is your success

We’re a little obsessed with good practices and doing things properly. When building or fixing a system, we break things down into simple, methodical steps:


We start by getting to grips with what you need your system to be able to do (as well as what it might actually be capable of) and then we get to the bottom of what’s gone wrong (diagnostics).

Tools - Spanner and Screwdriver

With that information we can create a vision of how things could be and then a step by step map of how to get there, identifying the key technologies and design elements that will be needed.

If you need us, we can also assist with implementation too. And suddenly, you’re firing on all cylinders and the world is your oyster once more!