We Work In A Way That Suits You

We know you’ve got your own way of doing things. And at different points there may be other ways in which you may need our help. And that’s fine, we’ll try our best to accommodate you. But in our experience, you’ll find we’re just what you need in the following situations:

You’ve got a specific problem to solve and you need it solved right now by experts at the top of their game.

You need to add high-performing members to your technical team, ones with 10X productivity.

You have a defined project or piece of work and you need a reliable partner to handle it for you.

You need your team or your systems supported on an ad-hoc or part-time basis over a longer period of time.

The 345 team out and about in autumn

Short-Term Specialists

You’re up the creek without a paddle.

It happens. You have a major IT project involving large or super-scale data – and it’s not going well. In fact, perhaps it’s not going at all. Customers aren’t happy. The powers that be aren’t happy. Bill in Development really isn’t happy and has just packed up his desk. Heads could roll.

Load and complexity cause failure, which we will fix

We’ve got your back on this one

We’re a crack team of specialists who will parachute in and fix the unfixable caused by increased load and complexity, spikes in demand, growing number of integrations and all life’s little unknown surprises! And not just with a plaster! OK, and maybe not with a parachute either.

Making it bulletproof!

Our approach to diagnostics helps make your apps bulletproof and we build quality in from the start. We always create a testable version of our software and every change we make is tested automatically.  Any change that doesn’t meet our standards is rejected. And then we make sure we can release changes continuously and repeatably through automated pipelines. 

Embedded 10X Team Members

Data excites you but you still need some help.

We get it, we really do. Data is exciting but it can also be mind numbingly complex! Every last component, decision and strategy pursued is a critical part to overall success. Which means even the biggest and best in house teams can struggle to keep things on track.

This is data science - questions + data --> experiments --> understanding

Don’t go it alone

Our consultants work independently or alongside your existing team. And our help comes in all shapes and sizes, including:  

  • Developing and improving your software development and tech strategy, processes and practices
  • Creating your architectural blueprint then working with your tech teams to deliver it
  • Troubleshooting in all its many dimensions and saving you costs
  • Improving system performance, security and helping you scale
  • Mentoring your junior developers
  • As Technical Leads, Lead Engineers, DevOps specialists and Test Engineers
  • As Data Engineers, Analysts and Data Scientists


Off site, on site, whatever works for you! We know how most “dev shops” work and we’re different.  You won’t find any smoke or mirrors here. We create a shared space in which our respective teams operate and ensure you get full transparency.  

345 Team in Luxembourg

Projects and Workpackages

You’ve got a dream! Now you need someone to make it a reality.

A brilliant idea is beginning to take shape. In fact, it could be a game changer. But you need some help with: defining goals, technical design, proving it will work, or the data engineering. Or maybe you’re running your project already but want outside experts to help keep it on track.

Bob’s your uncle

Call us. From the early concept, to creating your proof of concept (PoC) and through to full build, we’re pretty sure you’ll find we’re easier to work with, faster and more useful than a corporate IT consultancy. We’ll also support your development team to embed the right practices, methods, tools and processes.

From PoC to reality

PoC to Pilot to Service

And when the PoC works (which it will), use us to build your pilot. After all, we understand the PoC and once built, we will look after it to make sure that minor enhancements, fixes and upgrades are delivered with minimum fuss.

And then your dream becomes your reality!

Ongoing Support and Assistance

You need your team or your systems supported on an ad-hoc or part-time basis over a longer period of time.

Support Contracts

We have flexible options for support contracts depending on your needs.  Whether we have delivered you a solution or you need help supporting an existing one, we can agree a package of support for you to call off on as needed.  You get the peace of mind knowing help is at hand when things go wrong, even if things are going OK right now.

Flexible Resources

When you know you’re going to need assistance but you’re not sure quite when or how much, we offer you tailored help depending on your needs.


We work with your team members – sometimes for only a few hours a week – on an ongoing basis so we can build up their confidence, skills and development mindset.  You get a better development team, and for us there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing people grow knowing that we’ve helped them get there.


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