Making Big Data Work for You​

So, you’re excited by data and what it can do for your business. But, at the moment, your reality feels more like this:

Leaky Sieve

Your organisation is not capturing all the data that’s available or worse still, it’s haemorrhaging data that it has captured faster than a leaky sieve!

There be Dragons

You’ve got a vast (digital) warehouse full of data that is slowly gathering dust because no one ever dares go there. That’s where dragons be after all.

Death by Spreadsheets

Some poor soul in your organisation is dying a slow and painful death by spreadsheet. He was last seen downstairs in accounts, crying into a huge paper pile of data.

Taming the beast of big data

Make data the core of your business and data science the hell out of it!

And that’s where we come in:

Items in your Data Universe

First, we review your data ‘universe’, hunting down the possibilities and opportunities. That means asking the right questions and working out what data is available, what you can learn from it and how to respond. This part is also all about identifying predictions, improved efficiencies and costs!

PoC to Pilot to Service

With that information, we can recommend the best proof of concept projects (PoCs) to help you capture your data and put it to best use. If you’d like us to, we’ll also help create those PoCs, turning some of them into pilots. And from there, if you want, we can help turn your successful pilots into system builds and integrations.

And suddenly the world falls into focus. Data becomes your greatest asset, helping you to grab opportunities you didn’t know existed, and working hard and effortlessly for you under the surface.

Next: Integration - the Gateway to Big Data

Integration is all about opening up the conduits of data so you can get it flowing fast and furiously.