Andrew Rivers

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Lover of large-scale software conundrums and dealing with data on a massive scale. So clever they gave him a doctorate (but don’t hold that against him!)

Andrew is a big picture thinker and problem solver, who likes getting stuff done. His sweet spot is helping people who need high-performance, mission-critical software systems so their businesses can serve more customers faster and more reliably.

He’s incredibly talented, a great leader and has that rare quality of being able to explain complex technical issues in a clear and concise manner. We think you’ll like him so don’t be put off by the fact he frowns all the time, even when happy! Oh, and he likes CrossFit. Well someone has to.

He’s got 20 years’ experience in software and technology and a background in aeronautical engineering and mathematical modelling. He’s worked as both technical and management lead with some pretty big names including Microsoft, Nationwide Building Society, Marks and Spencer, HBoS, AXA and on some pretty big projects.