Paul Brown

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Technology junkie who gets his kicks out of integration, enterprise architecture and building high performance data platforms! No doctorate yet but he did win Winchester Allotmenteer of the Year 2019!

We’re really not exaggerating when we call Paul a technical mastermind and he’s been described as “Simply one of the very best technical people I have ever worked with” as well as “reliable, efficient, creative, intuitive, and easy to work with”.

He is a consummate professional with a conscientious attitude. Don’t be put off by the fact that he laughs a lot and has a love of good wines and Viticulture. Well, what’s not to love.

He’s got over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry across multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, various UNIX systems and IBM Mainframes, as well as the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Cloud platforms.

His skills include cloud and integration landscape, specialising in both AWS and Azure as well as clustering and containerisation technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker, to support microservice based architectures plus data and messaging technologies in the shape of SQL, NoSQL (document, graph, key-value, wide column), event streaming, to support IoT and AI data platforms. Oh, and let’s not forget C#, Golang, Python and JavaScript.