AI and Machine Learning EXPLAINER​

Do you feel like a caveman when it comes to AI / Machine Learning?

Or even if you don’t (because you’re the CTO) – do you think your business, board or management team does?

Welcome to the 345 EXPLAINER – an easy way to get rid of any concern that you or your business is not doing enough (or anything) about Machine Learning and AI.

Imagine an AI / machine learning explainer (demo) which gives you these outcomes:

  1. Your whole team grasps the concept together
  2. Your whole team sees the potential together
  3. Your whole team can understand risks together
  4. The assessment of longer term value can be done together
  5. The identification of the right problem to solve can be made together
  6. The agreement of the next step forward can be reached together


If – with eyes wide open – your team agrees that machine learning / AI does hold an opportunity for your business, you can take the next steps. Typically these are…

  • Scope out a specific business problem to solve and the ideal outcomes.
  • Test the proof of concept with a mini pilot project.
  • Assess results.
  • If positive, go to wider pilot or plan and deploy.

What to expect at a 345 EXPLAINER meeting (Teams/Zoom based or face-to-face):

We will launch straight into

  • What machine learning could do in the context of your business
  • What AI means in your context and how it links to machine learning
  • What your competitors may already be using AI / machine learning for
  • Context based Q&A around all the above


We will aim to answer

  • Whether AI / machine learning could add value to your business
    • If so, where and how?
  • We can give ballparks and examples of:
    • How much it would cost
    • How long it would take
    • What it would involve
    • What the risk are
  • Can you dip your toe in?
    • How do you do that?
    • How much?
    • How long would it take?
    • What are the risks?
  • Can you do it internally?
    • Should you?
    • How would you?


We will not spend time

  1. Explaining the technical theory of AI/machine learning (it’s a bit like trying to understand the World Wide Web when you actually just want to build a website. Crack on and use the web, but leave the theory to the high priestesses of tech).
  2. Talking about high-profile things big brands have done that don’t have any relevance to you. That’s just not what we’re into and it can waste a lot of time.
  3. Banging on about us instead of you, and trying to sell you our services. Why not, you may ask?
    1. Because we honestly hope to give you some seriously useful knowledge and advice, so we hope you’ll remember us. When you do have a more complex project, we hope you’ll think of us. (That’s a lot of hope, but with hope comes faith – we won’t mention charity).
    2. Because some simple and early-stage AI/machine learning projects can be done in-house – and we’d rather save our time and energy for the complex and gnarly stuff, which we (weirdly) love most.
    3. Because we hate that glazed look that we know comes over our own faces when suppliers try and ’sell’ themselves to us, instead of being genuinely useful. And so we really don’t want to see that look on your faces…

What tools do we use in our explainer?

We try to make every meeting as business aware, but non-techie and real world as possible.

So we use some serious diagrams to illustrate and run a Q&A around our points. Like the one here where we demystify the real use and application of datasets – public and third party. Simple, with nice and friendly colours too. A bit like us…

345 AI and Machine Learning EXPLAINER – example slide

This slide illustrates the strategic journey we take you through, which illustrates the path you can take to pilot, adopt and improve your use of AI.

We are helping you understand the possibilities open to you – some will be nearer the start of your journey and some will be further down the line.  For example, your first foray into AI might be to use a pre-built API to transcribe audio.  Later on, you may be building your own models specific to your business.

345 AI and Machine Learning EXPLAINER – example tool

This shows an example of us demonstrating Azure Machine Learning so you can get a better idea of the types of tools available to you and whether you feel this is something that fits with in-house skills.

What next?

We’ve said we’re not going to try to sell you anything. But – if you’re interested – you may certainly buy something 😎

If you are interested in running a Teams or Zoom-based 345 AI & Machine Learning EXPLAINER for your board or team? We can offer that as a half day of consultancy. You might want to do a taster call with one of us first, so you can learn more and see how it would work.

If you would prefer a face-to-face EXPLAINER, then that costs 1 day of consultancy for a half day meeting. Again, please do dip your toe in by talking or meeting with one of us first if you like.

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