BizTalk Migration

Microsoft’s announcement that they will be releasing the BizTalk Migrator tool in Autumn 2020 has lit a fire under the Integration Modernisation space, with BizTalk Migration being firmly placed on the agenda.

Integration Modernisation Journey Picture

If you are using old on-premises integration technology such as Microsoft BizTalk Server or IBM WebSphere you are probably thinking that at some point you are going to need to move to the cloud.

After all, your apps are going cloud-native one-by-one.  Soon all that will be left are a couple of dusty servers in the corner, and one of them will be yours.  

Think of all the opportunities you’ll have to take advantage of cloud integration: unlimited scale, pay-per-use, big data.  There are so many possibilities waiting for you!

We help you with the journey from the first moment when you are trying to build up momentum, enthusiasm and buy-in for migration all the way through to deployment and operations.

Contact us today, or come to our online events, and you’ll never look back.

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