Data Platform Modernisation

We help you take advantage of Big Data opportunities by helping you get your data off your local machines and into the cloud.

What is Data Platform Modernisation?

Data Platform Modernisation means taking your existing data platforms and making them fit for the future.  Fit for what you’re going to throw at them, not what they handled in the past.  Fit to take advantage of Big Data opportunities.

It’s not so long ago that whenever you thought about databases you inevitably thought about relational databases.  Maybe the decisions for you were SQL Server vs Oracle.  Or MariaDB.  Or something else.

The world of cloud and GIANT scale data has opened up a smorgasbord of data technology that you can use.  You’ve got more tools in the toolbox  than you ever had before.  What you might need is some guidance and some help in choosing and setting up the right technology.  That’s where we can help you.

Here are some of the ways we help you modernise your data platforms:

Tech Strategy

We work with you to understand what your data platform needs are so we can make sure you have the right technology approach.

The choice of data platform technology depends on a number of things, and we usually start with these:

  • How much data you’re going to store.
  • How fast you need to write your data.
  • How fast you need to read your data.
  • How you need to search and find data.
  • What your financial constraints are.

Build and Deploy

Once we have decided the approriate choice of technology we help you put it in place.

Using software engineering best practices we help you build your platforms in a repeatable way to ensure you have testable, high-quality systems.

Modern data platforms are cloud-based.  This means you will be using infrastructure as code.  We literally write your new data platform as templates and scripts, and you can spin up your platform in minutes.

Data Migration

You’re building the new destination for your data, so your data will need to move home. 

Data Migration can often be a headache if you have not prepared for it in advance.  

We work with you to migrate your old data onto your new and shiny data platform, including  any cleansing, reshaping or reformatting that is required.

Once your data is migrated you’re ready to start running your analytics and experiments next!

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