Data Analytics - Making Sense of your Data

Data Analytics is all about making sense of your data so you can understand things that are currently unknown, have faster and better decision making and seize the opportunities hidden within your data.

Every business needs Data Analytics to some extent.  Whether it’s reporting on your sales and marketing to managing risk, the chances are you rely on reports and BI every day.  You also know there’s so much more you could do if only you had the time, the expertise, the technology and the impetus.

Here are some of the ways we help you with Data Analtyics:

Reporting and Dashboarding:  Building dashboards with latest generation of tools to make reports self-service instead of being a drain on your IT department.  Hooking in your data platforms to reporting technologies such as PowerBI make this easier and more accessible than ever.

Statistical Analysis:  When you need to crunch number and combine datasets you can come to us to help you do this.  With access to the right tools for the job this need not be the headache you might fear.  

Monitoring and Alerts:  Your business has limits that you need to know about, whether this is failure rates or risk.  We can keep on top of the key numbers and make sure you are alerted when you reach thresholds so you can manage by exception.  This means you can focus your efforts where you are most productive.

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AI is the defining technology of this generation. We demystify AI and help you understand how important this can be for your business, no matter how large or small you are.

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