Webinar Playback: BizTalk Migrator Launch Webinars #1: First View Here

On 27th October Microsoft finally announced the RELEASE of the BizTalk Migrator! 345 together with partners Affinus have been working with Microsoft since the start of the private preview, so we know this tool better than anyone else. Get up to speed with the experts as we take you through the easiest BizTalk-to-Azure conversion you’ve ever seen!

In this episode Andrew and Dan take you through the BizTalk Migrator from the very start.  

We install the tooling directly from the Chocolatey website and use it to run a BizTalk Migration live on the webinar. We go through the commands you need to do a migration, what the report contains and what’s in it, and the generated content that you deploy to Azure.

After this Dan takes you through the BizTalk application as it appears in Azure, and walks you through running the app we’ve just converted and deployed.

More on the BizTalk Migrator

Find out everything you need to know on the BizTalk Migrator by visiting our dedicated resource page:

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