What we do

Azure integration  — Data platforms — Application modernisation

Excellence in Azure integration ties it all together

We work at the sharp end of integration, where connecting systems together is demanding because of data volume, mission-critical demands or high complexity. 

Data Analytics in the cloud

Super-scale data is part of everything we do

Data platforms and analytics come as standard when you live on the cloud. It goes without saying that enterprise-grade applications generate huge quantities of data. We also get you ready for machine learning and AI.

345 Technology build enterprise apps for the cloud

We engineer new cloud native, enterprise-grade applications

We help build bulletproof, mission critical applications that you can scale up and down and which won’t crack under pressure. That’s what we mean by enterprise-grade.

345 Technology re-engineering monolithic applications

We modernise older, legacy and monolithic applications

We love to break down and re-engineer creaking, complex applications to be truly fit for their future on the cloud. We’re talking containerisation and microservices to build in more flex and scale whenever you need it.

Lift and Shift

We don’t do straight ‘lift and shift’

We see good old lift and shift as ‘moverisation’ rather than modernisation – and so it’s not our bag. We’re happier at the more technical end of modernisation and leave the basics to the mass market consultancies.

If you want to move a text file from accounts to purchasing, you could choose anyone to help. 

If your application needs to process data from a million transactions around the world every second… you need 345 Technology.

High performance Engineering

BizTalk to Azure migration

Calling us experienced in this might just be an understatement. Many of us cut our first,  real integration teeth on BizTalk Server, so much so that we have been working with the BizTalk Migration Tool for yonks now, and that’s official.

More on migration to Azure here

It’s our values and approach that make us stand out. 

What we stand for

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