What we do

Transforming Businesses: Our Comprehensive Services

345 Technology are leaders in Application and Data Integration on the Azure cloud. We also help with all the related disciplines that make your project a success.  

Our Services

Cloud Advisory

Are you getting the most out of the cloud?

Only 3 out of 10 organisations know exactly where their cloud costs are going.  Our Azure experts can help you with all aspects of cloud adoption: 

  • Workload migration assessment planning
  • Cloud cost optimisation
  • Cloud security review and optimisation
  • Application and solution architecture
  • Test strategy and planning


Some of the typical consulting engagements carried out by our Cloud Advisory are: 

  • Well-architected reviews
    • Platform Landing Zone
    • Application Landing Zones
    • Azure applications
  • Integration landing zone (345 AIR) deployment assessment
  • Azure Discovery Workshop 
  • Azure security review
  • Azure cost optimisation review

If you are managing your project yourself, and what you need is technical experts in your team, our Cloud Advisory can help you with all relevant roles including: 

  • Product Owner
  • Agile Project Manager / Agile Coach / Scrum Lead
  • Solution Architect
  • Tech Lead / Lead Engineer
  • Test Lead / Test Architect
  • Dev Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Test Engineer
345 Delivery Process

Agile Development

Once you know what you are going to build, our engineering teams will break down the problem into bite-sized pieces and deliver value continuously.  We build multi-disciplinary teams that are empowered to deliver. 

We have created our own agile engineering processes, based on Scrum, which are supported by a consistent set of tooling, practices and templates.  When one of our teams delivers your project you’ll feel like you are in a safe pair of hands. 

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We design, build, modernise and support enterprise-grade applications and platforms for the Azure cloud.

Azure Infrastructure

Before you can run any workloads or build any applications, you need the correct cloud infrastructure setting up.  This is something we are experts in, and no matter whether you are building your apps yourself or relying on partners, the correct infrastructure is vital for success.   

Our Azure infrastructure solves these problems for you: 

  • Identity and Security 
  • Policy and Governance 
  • High availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) 
  • Scalability 
  • Networks and connectivity

Based on the best practices within the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), we build our infrastructure around the concept of landing zones.  Landing zones are the logical units of infrastructure geared towards specific workloads and outcomes.  Read more about landing zones here

The types of infrastructure we put in for you are: 

  • Platform Landing Zones 
  • Application Landing Zones
    • Integration workloads (345 AIR) 
    • Data workloads 
    • Cloud-native application workloads 
    • Virtual machine workloads 

Azure Application Support

How do you ensure your applications are healthy and running reliably in Azure?

You get Azure experts to provide support for you.  Our team of Azure support engineers will ensure you get the smoothest operation of your Azure apps. 

Our support packages include the following benefits: 

  • Your own Technical Account Manager 
  • Inbuilt support hours every month, starting from 10 hours 
  • Daily or weekly proactive health checks 
  • Monthly status call with your Technical Account Manager 
  • Monthly report on incidents and issues 
  • Access to service desk and knowledge base 
  • Unlimited number of support tickets within your allocated support hours

If you are managing your project yourself, and what you need is technical experts in your team, our Cloud Advisory can help you with all relevant roles including: 

  • Product Owner
  • Agile Project Manager / Agile Coach / Scrum Lead
  • Solution Architect
  • Tech Lead / Lead Engineer
  • Test Lead / Test Architect
  • Dev Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Test Engineer

Your Success

To enable every customer to achieve success in a connected world.  Every customer is different, you each have your own definition of what success means.  What does success mean for you?  Here are some examples of customer success that we have delivered. 

Maximise value from legacy systems

Most large organisations already have considerable investment in existing systems.  You want to maximise the value of these systems without them slowing down your transformation projects.   

Business opportunities mean nothing if you can’t transform in time to take advantage.  Agility comes in many forms, from flexible cloud infrastructure through to agile delivery processes.  By building modern interfaces over your systems you promote reuse, enable low-code solutions and empower your development teams to develop faster. 

Everyone in your organisation benefits from reducing operating costs.  This can be achieved by automating business processes, enabling cloud migration, application modernisation and migration, getting off integration platforms with expensive annual licence fees as well as optimising your cloud usage. 

Open new sales channels by API-enabling your product catalogue, ordering and fulfilment.  Improve your existing sales pipeline by combining all your sales and marketing data sources so you can gain better insights and support your decision-making. 

Ensuring your business operations are repeatable and reliable is a key goal.  This can range from ensuring you have reliable cloud infrastructure, that your operations teams have the correct monitoring and alerting solutions in place through to running in a multi-region or multi-cloud configuration. 

A very common request we get is “we want our own development teams to be able to own our integration, but we don’t have the capability.  Can you help us upskill them to the point where they can be self-sufficient?”  Yes we can!

How do we deliver this success?

Legacy Application Integration

You can innovate faster when you can connect to your legacy systems via modern integration interfaces.  Extend the value of the data and logic you already have in your core applications. 

Maximise return on investment when you automate business processes involving multiple key systems through orchestration and workflow so you get greater efficiency, repeatability and reliability in your business operations. 

You can seize new business opportunities when you enable your development teams to deliver value faster, with higher quality, by building on our 345 AIR platform.  When time to market is key, a turnkey cloud infrastructure is a great way to achieve repeatable acceleration. 

Ensure continuity of business services by implementing one of our high availability or multi-region infrastructure blueprints.  You benefit from battle tested infrastructure without the time and cost of solving this on your own. 

Reduce the cost of your integration footprint by adopting a fully consumption-based platform where you only pay for what you use, with no upfront annual licence costs.  Leverage cloud-native services to reduce your management overhead.  We also analyse your overall cloud costs to ensure you’re only paying for what you need. 

Run and develop your integration estate using a repeatable, tested tools and processes.  345 ICE is your virtual Integration Centre of Excellence.  Working in partnership with us, we provide you with a centre of excellence capability, which can either be fully managed by us, or we can develop your own teams to take on this capability. 

Site Reliability Engineering is a discipline that makes sure that your cloud infrastructure is available, reliable, secure and right-sized.  It takes DevSecOps to another level by considering all ways in which infrastructure and applications interact.  We can supply you with a dedicated or fractional SRE team that will ensure your applications continue to function reliably, efficiently and securely.