enterprise grade software

Made in Britain

  • High-performance integrations. Designed for simplicity by our experienced Azure architects

  • Manage your data at any scale. We build the cloud technology and architecture you need

  • Legacy, on-premises applications re-engineered for your future. Or built cloud-native from scratch

Built for the tough stuff

345 is made for the technically challenging or critical, can’t afford to fail, projects that others find hard

Our aim is to make every part of our customer relationship deeply rewarding for everyone

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We work with all cloud platforms, but if Azure was a Fender Stratocaster, we’d be a crew of Jimi Hendrixes!

  • Faster, more predictable integrations using our Azure reference architectures and accelerators

  • Manage your data properly, at any scale, with the right cloud architecture and technologies

  • Best practice in high-performance, custom-built application design, build and support 

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