Azure Discovery Workshop​


If you are planning a new project, why not arrange a no-obligation workshop with one of our experts?

If you have a technology problem that you’re looking to solve, then this is for you. 

Who is it for?

An Azure Discovery Workshop is an ideal way to take your initial idea to the next level. Maybe you need to get an idea of cost or timescales, perhaps you need to see if a project is feasible.

If the following profile sounds like your organisation, you will benefit from this Workshop:
  • You have chosen Azure as your preferred public cloud platform, or Azure is a strong candidate
  • You are in the early planning stages of a technology project
  • You are interested in working with partners that have a strong specialist capability in Azure

How the workshop runs

It’s quite straightforward.
  • We send you a questionnaire the week before to gather some information so we can come prepped to be productive.
  • On the day, we run through a standard agenda:
  • Your goals
  • Your problem space
  • Joint solution whiteboarding
  • Analyse, size and summarise
  • We send you a report within a week of completing the workshop.
  • We hold a follow-up Teams call to discuss and get your feedback.

What is covered?

The workshop is 2-4 hours and covers the following:
  • Understand your problem and your ideal outcome
  • Give you initial feedback
  • Assess project feasibility
  •  Create a candidate design or technical approach
  • Provide answers to your questions
  • Estimate T-shirt sizing on costs / timescales
It’s never a sales pitch.

Why us?

345 Technology is a Microsoft Solution Partner – this means we have verified expertise in Azure and we are ideally placed to help you with your Azure journey.

We have deep expertise in Application & Data Integration. Our technology specialists have decades of experience in this field – giving you access to the best possible technical advice.

We have also built a foundational technology platform for data and integration – 345 AIR – which means we can deliver projects faster and more reliably.

3 directors at 345 technology

Workshop Themes

We run workshops on a number of themes that correspond to our core skillsets. Although these will always be tailored to your specific needs, you’ll get the best from them if your problem fits any of these themes.

APIs, Application Integration and Process Automation


We now live in a world where your systems are more complex than ever. You may still have systems on-premises, co-located, in one or more cloud providers and you’re probably also using as much SaaS as you can. How do you get this all to work together effectively?

Integration technologies – connecting systems together, automating data flows and orchestrating business processes – these support some essential strategies for reducing cost, improved business execution and better visibility. 

Some examples we have worked on are: 

  • Automating people processes for joiners, movers and leavers 
  • Connecting your supply chain to receive product catalogue, stock and delivery updates from suppliers
  • Synchronising data between central ERP systems and warehouses 
  • Enabling customer self-service by connecting mobile apps to back office systems and data using APIs 
  • Straight-through processing of customer orders and service requests

Data Platforms, Data Warehouses, Reporting and Analytics


We’re often told things like “I need a data warehouse!” Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. What you usually need is to understand what’s going on in your business, ideally in real time, and to know what’s going to happen next. 

Some examples we have worked on are: 

  • Gathering data points from business process executions into a data warehouse 
  • Streaming point-of-sale transactions from multiple retail sites to a centralized reporting function for real-time dashboards 
  • Extracting data from external SaaS products into a central data warehouse and building an analytics layer over the top 
  • Extracting and combining multiple industry data sets from a variety of APIs and FTP sites and combining into a single solution 

Application Modernisation, Migration and Cloud-Native

Getting your apps into the cloud can be done in a number of ways. The first strategy is migrate them onto cloud infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about hardware ever again. Often referred to as “lift and shift”, this gets you into the cloud without making any significant changes to your apps. You manage the servers, the cloud vendor manages the hardware. The second strategy is to modernise your apps so that they run on “cloud-native” technology – the services provided where you don’t need to worry about hardware, servers, patching or anything else – you just run your apps.


Some examples we have worked on: 

  • Breaking a large legacy system into smaller components (microservices) for improved maintenance and reliability. 
  • Moving legacy databases onto managed Azure SQL database infrastructure. 
  • Migrating SQL Server Reporting Services reports into Power BI. 
  • Reduce the cost of your VMs in Azure by migrating your web applications and APIs to Azure App Service. 

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