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Microsoft’s BizTalk Migrator was released in October 2020. It is an open source, command-line tool which takes your on-premises BizTalk applications and converts them into a solution running natively on Azure Integration Services, Microsoft’s Cloud platform for integration. It has been designed by Microsoft to help IT teams automate the migration process.

345 Technology is one of only two consultancies which have been working with the BizTalk Migration Tool since the start of the private preview. We know it better than just about anyone. If you have BizTalk applications which you are planning to migrate to Azure, we are a very good place to start.

Here you will find umpteen useful training resources, tool demos, articles to read and podcasts to listen to.

If you want to know any more about the BizTalk Migrator, or are looking for help with your BizTalk migration, please contact Danny Hayter on 01962 657696.

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Hottest BizTalk Migrator Links

The BizTalk Migrator lives on GitHub.  Here are links to all the repos you need to know about.  All of them are prefixed with “aim”, which stands for Azure Integration Migration.





How We Can Help

Whether you’re migrating yourself, helping your own customers migrate their applications or you need a managed migration service, we have help on hand.  Look through these options and pick which ones suit you the most.

Get your team up to speed with Migration with our training courses.  Understand how to convert your apps, how to work with the output and how to customise the tool! 

Migrating your BizTalk apps yourself?  We have run Azure migrations on dozens of BizTalk applications – avoid the pitfalls and let us guide you to a quick and successful outcome.

If you have BizTalk applications to migrated into Azure, your fastest route is to let us do the migration for you.  Our managed migration service is a hassle-free route to the cloud!

BizTalk Migrator on GitHub

The BizTalk Migrator lives on GitHub.  Here are links to all the repos you need to know about.  All of them are prefixed with “aim”, which stands for Azure Integration Migration.


This is the repo for the command-line tool.  Also your first port of call, look in the docs folder as your starting point.  


Contains all the BizTalk-specific code including how to unpack a BizTalk app and the rules to reassemble it in Azure.


This contains the Azure target state.  This is a great repo if you want to look at best practice integration on Azure.


This is the entity model of an integration application in Azure.  This model is populated and then converted.


This is the library of core components that manage and run the conversion process.  Look in here if you really want to go deep.

BizTalk Migration Tool: technical resources

Browse through our back-catalogue of webinars for instant playback.

BizTalk Migrator Webinars

Webinar Playback: BizTalk Migrator Launch Webinars #4: This is how you update the BizTalk Migrator

In this session we go through a BizTalk application that includes the SFTP adapter.  We run the migrator over it and demonstrate that the migration cannot be performed automatically. We then explain the approach to extending the migrator:

Add a new rule (a class containing logic for the migration).
Create a sample Logic Apps template.
Create a liquid template based on the Logic Apps template.
Update the configuration YAML to include the new templates.

Webinar Playback: BizTalk Migrator Launch Webinars #3: A Run Through the Code and Repos

In this webinar Andrew and Dan take you through the repos (repositories) that make up the open source project and explain what they do.

Here is the low-down of what we cover:

Description of the design intent.
The packages that make up the migrator and how they interact.
How the tool could be extended.
Where you’re likely to be making contributions to the Migrator.
We show you the repos in GitHub.
Demonstration of how to debug the Migrator in Visual Studio.

BizTalk Migrator Released - More Scenarios

Webinar Playback: BizTalk Migrator Launch Webinars #2: Unpacking the tool and more sample scenarios

In this episode Andrew and Dan take you through the test scenarios that ship with the BizTalk Migrator and delve in more detail into the components that are actually generated by the migration tool.

Here is a slide of the components that are potentially generated by the BizTalk Migrator:
This shows that what gets generated is a palette of components that you can use to build just about any integration application in Azure.  

Now we look at the components generated to deliver an XML messaging solution: