Custom-built Azure integrations that work under pressure

Innovation needs integration

Collaborate with an expert 345 integration crew who’s just as invested in the best possible result as you are

  • Access 345’s Azure reference architectures, to speed integration

  • Remove complexity from your existing enterprise architecture

  • Gain greater agility with our high-performance integrations

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Build bullet-proof cloud-based integrations

Seamless enterprise integrations using Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms

  • Faster Azure integrations using reference architecture

    Pre-built Azure integration toolkits, guidance for integration patterns, thorough documentation, templates, and training.

  • Enterprise-level governance

    Recommendations on achieving observability, registries of common schemas, APIs, contracts and mechanisms.

  • Security first

    From Proof of Concept to live production implementation, all our integration assets and shared resources are secure by design.

  • We know the Azure technical stack inside out

    Get us to write the integrations that run on it and you could have your platform implemented within weeks.

  • 345 AIR – Azure Integration made ready

    Start small, get big later. Simple, quick way to an elastic integration platform, easy to implement and operate on the standard Azure portal.

  • Custom-built composite cloud solutions

    We’ll evaluate what will do the best job for your organisation, whether that’s IPaaS, orchestration frameworks, connectors or processing engines.

Get your integration project scoped out in an architectural design session

You’re here to work with Azure integration specialists

345’s UK-based integration crews plan for the unexpected and build cloud-based applications that scale with you.

For difficult integration projects critical to your business, you need a partner who relishes the challenges these can bring. 

No divas, no politics. Just brilliant people, supporting each other, and you, to do their best work. That’s us!

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Get your integration project scoped out in an architectural design session