We love collaborations when they are good for everyone.

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What We Can Do For You

Deepen and extend your Software Engineering, Data Engineering, AI or Machine Learning capabilities.

Bring you and your products into new markets.

Increase the range of services you can offer to your existing customers.

Support the technical section of your bid.

Partner Areas

345 Data Engineering

For AI / ML and IoT Providers

  • Data platforms
  • Data analytics
  • Data operations
  • Solution architecture
  • Dashboards and alerts
  • AI and machine learning development

345 Software Engineering

For Digital Transformation Projects

  • Software engineering
  • DevOps
  • Performance engineering
  • Testing and QA
  • Cloud infrastructure

345 App & Data Integration

For SaaS Vendors or Products

  • Implementation planning
  • Integration with customer systems
  • Data cleansing
  • Data migration
  • Customisation

345 Migration & Modernisation

For IT & Tech Consultancies

  • Super-scale data
  • Performance engineering
  • Modernising and migrating legacy systems

How We Choose Partners

  • We don’t just resell or refer anyone – partnerships are a two-way thing for us.
  • We choose partners after we’ve built up a relationship.
  • Partners need to share a similar code of ethics and values.
  • We expect a mutual, high quality bar.
  • A partnership means each of us has a stronger offering.

Current Partners

Here are some examples of the partners we work with:

Partner Enquiries

If you think your business & 345 Technology would make a great partnership, please get in touch.