345 Announce New MLOps Workshop to Help You Build AI Applications

MLOps is DevOps for Machine Learning.  Get your team ready to apply DevOps principles to Machine Learning and AI to build smarter applications.

As part of our continued investment in Data Platforms, Data Analytics and DevOps we have been developed a 1-day workshop where we get your team started with MLOps.

By now you may have already been prototyping AI and machine learning and you want to know how to embed this into your application development processes.  You’ve come to the right place! 

DevOps - Automated and Repeatable Delivery

The principles and benefits of DevOps are well established as applied to software engineering.  We use humans for what they are best at: understanding problems, creativity, finding solutions and working with others.  This is what software engineers do when they are at their best. 

What we want to do is to remove the toil from the process.  Compiling code, testing it, building environments, deploying – this is the same every time.  Humans aren’t good at this sort of thing.  We’re not repeatable enough.  We get bored.  We get creative.  Better to get the computers to do this kind of thing – they love doing the same thing over and over again!

Diagram showing the MLOps lifecycle

Machine Learning - Solving Problems Where Traditional Programming Fails

The concepts of neural networks and machine learning have been around for decades.  We’ve long known that the human brain can outperform computers when they’re tackling highly complex problems.  Researchers have been chipping away at human pre-eminence in areas like chess and voice recognition.  This is where logical structures such as if…then…else simply aren’t up to the task. 

So, what’s changed?  Increases in both the power and the accessibility of this technology.  Cloud compute has given us the scale to quickly train sophisticated models, giving us immense power to decode complex data such as images, video and sound.   Tools and frameworks make it easier than ever to bake these models into our applications, making our applications richer and smarter than ever before.

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