What We Stand For

You could call this our Manifesto, but we think the world has had enough of those for a while!  Instead, we just like to think this says what we’re all about, what we stand for.

We are mad about…

  • Mission critical projects that impact the lives of millions of people.
  • Projects that deal with data at a truly whopping scale.
  • Projects where the quality bar is too high for most other software development firms.
  • Projects which are core, complex and high pressure.
  • Solving very real, acute and sometimes physical problems using zeros and ones.

We are here to…

  • Fix and build software that leaves you satisfied and happy – long term.
  • Fix and build software that leaves our team proud, satisfied and happy.
  • Fix and build software that doesn’t break when you scale it, load it, stress it or ask it to jump through hoops.
  • Make a really big difference to your end users. Happy users == happy client.

We believe…

  • That not figuring out what code is causing you the most trouble and doing something about it, is one of the most expensive mistakes that a development team can ever make.
  • In having the discipline to do things the right way, every time – so your software doesn’t break when you scale it, load it, stress it.
  • In the absolute importance of having the right team on a project that matters.
  • In treating our people the right way so they have the support and confidence to do the job the right way
  • In trusting in the team we build

We love it when…

  • There is something big at stake.
  • We solve a complex software conundrum.
  • We are able to build the right team for the project. We don’t bring passengers.
  • Clients tell us that we’ve made a really big difference to them and their customers.

We will never…

  • Say we can do it cheaper to win the work. We will try our best to point out the gaps we see in your spec before we price it for you.
  • Just tell you what you want to hear. We will say it how it is and challenge you if we need to.
  • Hide bad news. The sooner you know about it, the sooner you can do something about it. It won’t go away on its own.
  • Take shortcuts that compromise the quality of our work.