345’s API World Highlights: Cloco’s Microservices and Cloud Triumph

Last September, 345 made waves at API World 2016 in San Jose, showcasing Cloco’s prowess in Microservices and Cloud. DevNetwork has just released the video of my interview with Kitty Peters, delving into the advantages of APIs and Microservices, along with an introduction to Cloco’s Configuration-as-a-Service. Despite the challenges of jetlag and conference demands, the positive feedback received has fueled our commitment. Stay tuned for more insights into cloud computing, microservices, and our APIs throughout 2017. Discover the full scope of Cloco on the cloco.io website.

We wrote a post in our news last September about 345’s visit to San Jose to promote cloco at API World 2016.  We’ve just head that DevNetwork have published the video of my interview with Kitty Peters where I talk about the benefits of  using APIs and Microservices, and an introduction to 345’s Configuration-as-a-Service product, cloco.

This was a really difficult interview for me to do.  I was jetlagged, had been working flat out on conference prep and then been on my feet on the cloco stand for 2 days.  Thomas and I had just presented a 1-hour session on architecture of Configuration-as-a-Service.  Given that though, the editing on the interview is good and I don’t sound nearly as exhausted as I felt at the time!

We learned a great deal on our first visit to Silicon Valley, in particular we got a taste of the positive attitude, the dynamism and the sheer celebration of tech that the Bay Area represents.  We had such a good time and met so many interesting and friendly people that we’re sure to be back sometime in 2017.  We also seem to have checked out all of the best steakhouses and barbecue joints in town so we can put that knowledge to good use as well!  I would have loved to have had more time to explore the local area, but unfortunately we only had half a day to go up to San Francisco and see some of the sights up there.  There are so many things I want to go back to in Northern California for that I can’t wait for an excuse to head back over there.

The feedback we received from our peers at the conference was invaluable, and has helped to shape the work we’re doing in 2017.  Expect to see much more of 345 this year as we continue to spread the word about cloud computing, microservices and of course our own APIs.

Remember that you can find out more about cloco on the cloco.io website.

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