Azure Data Security: Navigating Data Lake Challenges

In this episode, Andrew and Paul delve into the intricate world of managing a data lake, offering valuable insights for seamless Azure integration. As organizations navigate the complexities of large-scale data storage, priorities must align with robust security measures, access control, and adherence to data sovereignty, including GDPR compliance. The episode sheds light on key considerations for a purpose-fit data lake solution, ensuring your journey is fortified with Azure’s advanced capabilities. Watch the video on YouTube for a comprehensive guide on unleashing the full potential of your data lake.

Things you need to look out for in data lakes:

– Security

– Access and audit

– Data sovereignty

– Compliance, GDPR

We take you through the things you should get right up-front so your data lake solution is fit for purpose!

Watch the video on YouTube here:

The audio is available on all good podcast distributions, or listen on the audio player here:

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