BizTalk Migration Toolkit (BizTalk Migrator) – Public Preview IMMINENT!

At today’s Logic Apps Live presentation Microsoft have announced that the BizTalk Migrator (aka BizTalk Migration Toolkit) is going to go into Public Preview imminently!  Maybe in the next week you’ll be able to get your hands on it.  Watch below to catch the announcement.

See below for some of the main points:


Turns BizTalk applications into AIS solutions.  Supports (officially) BTS2013R2+, unofficially BTS2010+.

The main other thing to note here is just how soon the Public Preview is going to start.  “Maybe in about a week”.  In other words, get ready because this is going to land!


Lots to cover in this slide.  Some interesting points made in the video:

  • Messaging scenarios includingthe standard BizTalk pipelines have good support.
  • Supports FILE, FTP and HTTP – although the patterns give a clear indication of how easily you can add other adapters.
  • WCF support is more problematic because there is no native support for this in Logic Apps.

The report – which was already teased at the announcement back in May – contains info on your BizTalk application and what the migration might look like.  The whole process, from exporting your BizTalk application, running the tool and getting the output is said to take around 20 minutes -considering the time it would take to do that by hand, that’s FAST!

Key takeaways:

  • Automated conversion of BizTalk applications to Azure for the first time.
  • Landing soon – in around 1 week.
  • Very much a “0.1” release – demonstrates the core functionality but still lots of work to do.
  • Public Preview – Microsoft are inviting YOU to give feedback on what’s important for the next steps of development.



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