BizTalk Migrator Ultimate User Guide – Coming Soon!

We’ve been working with Microsoft on the private preview of the BizTalk Migrator and we know the tool better than anyone.  We felt that a great contribution to the integration community would be to write the most comprehensive user guide out there.

Why did we write it?

345 and our partner company Affinus started working on the private preview back in late spring / early summer.  We have run dozens of BizTalk applications through the tool already and we have been feeding back to Microsoft how they can improve the tool.  As such, we believe we know this product better than anyone else.  

We believe that if you’ve got knowledge of something, the best way to use that information is to share and teach others.  In keeping with the BizTalk Migrator being an open source project, we are going to open source the ultimate user guide too!

What’s going to be in it?

We’re putting in everything you need to know:

  • Installing
  • Running
  • Deploying the output
  • How the Azure solutions works
  • Thinking behind the Azure solutions
  • Custom development and enhancement
  • Debugging and fault-finding
  • Contributing to the open source project


When’s it going to arrive?

We are aiming to get the first draft out by the end of next week – i.e. the first week of November 2020.  Keep an eye out on our latest news to see when this is going to land!

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