Embracing 345 Technology: My Journey into Cloud Innovation

In March 2020, I embarked on a new challenge with 345 Technology as a Business Development Manager, diving into the intricate world of technology amidst the global pandemic. Working from home became mandatory, emphasizing the crucial role of technology. Azure Integration and Cloud innovation were at the forefront of my initiation. The first three weeks were dedicated to a deep dive into Microsoft Azure, unraveling the complexities of virtual machines, load balancing, and cloud-based data centers. My passion for technology, coupled with the support of my colleagues, fueled my journey into the realm of Agile Development UK and beyond. The learning path was rigorous, including a 9-hour exploration of Azure with multiple modules. My education journey is just beginning, but the desire to continuously learn and adapt in the ever-evolving technology landscape positions me for success in this dynamic industry.

Data Engineering - Receive, Store, Analyse, Predict

First 3 weeks in 345

I am a huge fan of tech when I comes to everyday life, I knew how that worked from an end user but now it was time to learn how this worked behind the fancy mobile apps and online shopping. 

So my education was about to start. 

My first port of call was Microsoft Azure, this was a 9 hour learning path with a number of individual modules featuring some video but mainly going through a lot of content, I am not ashamed to say that I went through a number of the modules more than once. This was the challenge I craved. With support from my colleagues on the end of a teams call or an email I completed this and am now ready to complete my competence test with Microsoft. 

My wife is now fully aware of Virtual Machines, load balancing and all things cloud based data centre… 

I wanted to write a blog to show that firstly my knowledge of this industry is limited but my desire to learn and continue to educate myself will put me into a great position to be successful in the world of technology. 

I am also a huge advocate of learning new things wether it for career reasons like myself or just to up-skill yourself for everyday life you can never learn too much. 


I am looking forward to a long successful career with 345 technology and looking forward to discussing new project and developing the way business work through cloud based projects. 

A big thank you to my team for support in these first weeks,  working remotely wasn’t our original plan but technology is helping – so every cloud…………

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