Episode 17: Getting Started with AI

In this video Andrew and Danny chat about the journey into adopting AI and discover that it’s as easy as calling an API.

AI is the defining technology of this generation.  Without us even knowing it, we’ve ended us using it and being affected by it every day.  From using Amazon Echo’s speech recognition and natural language processing to the videos YouTube recommends to us, AI is powering all of this.

The different levels of AI adoption are:

  1. Use pre-built AI.  You can use pre-built AI models simply by calling an API.  
  2. Use pre-built AI that’s customised with your data.  Enhance an existing model with your own data and create an API to call that’s tailored to your own application.  
  3. Build and train your own machine learning models, using your own data sets to train the models and end up with a unique AI model.
  4. Find new ways of solving problems by creating new neural networks and deep learning layers.

Where is everyone at the moment?  It depends greatly on your industry.  The good news for you is that most companies are only just evaluating the opportunities of AI.  This gives you a great opportunity to get ahead of the pack and build lasting competitive advantage by getting on board now.

You can also check out the audio version here:

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