Episode 26: How Does AI Make Chat Bots Work?

In this episode Andrew and Danny are talkign all about Chat Bots:  how the AI behind it works (very briefly), how businesses are adopting this technology and why as a consumer you might be happy to use it.


How Does a Chat Bot Work?

We cover some of the technology that sits behind chat bots (and related technology such as Alexa).  This is about NLP – Natural Language Processing – and how chat bots use it to determine both the intent and the entities (subject / object) of the sentences you type into a chat bot.

Training a Chat Bot

As with all AI, chat bots are highly dependent on the data you use to train them with.  Make sure you have good representation for all the categories of scenarios you want to train your chat bot for, don’t just take a sample from your production data.

Uses for Chat Bots

Chat bots are appearing all over the place.  Obviously, customers use them on websites to respond to customer interactions.  They are increasingly being used within companies to automate business processes and we’ll be seeing them increasingly take over administrative tasks such as booking appointments.

Why you Might Want to Use One

Some people simply want to get the job done without the interaction with other people.  This may be because they are introverted, or it may be for other reasons such as hearing difficulties.  Chat bots are also available 24×7 so you get service when you want it.  Finally, chat bots can facilitate a more natural interaction with computers than the conventional forms-based approach.

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