Episode 28: How AI Improves Efficiency in Manufacturing

How do you cut the most pairs of shoes out of a hide of leather? And make sure there are no blemishes? All this and more in this episode!

Leather shoes being cut out

In a nutshell:

We talk about some of the ways that AI is being used to improve process efficiency in manufacturing:

  • Optimising use of energy and water:  Your factory might have some massive heating elements to get materials up to temperature.  Howe can you make sure you’re only using just enough energy and no more?
  • Maximise use of raw materials:  Some raw materials such as wood or leather are natural and therefore not a standard size.  How do you make the most efficient use of these?
  • Maximise machine uptime:  Predictive maintenance is becoming ever more sophisticated.  How can you make sure that you only service your machines when they need it and not before?


These are just a few of the possibilities for improving manufacturing efficiency, we’d love to hear about some of your examples!

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