Episode 38: Talking image recognition and AI with Dirk Huibers

In this episode, Andrew chats to Dirk Huibers from Spotr.ai (formerly Octo) about the spectacular things they’re doing with AI and image recognition within the Proptech sector. 

Spotr.ai utilises image recognition and artificial intelligence to gather and maintain asset management data. The result is a digital inspection product that aims to make building inspection and maintenance more efficient.

Click to watch below and enjoy 45 minutes of absorbing tech chat covering:

  • How Dirk got into AI, and what Spotr.ai actually does
  • How they use data collected from satellites, planes and drones and other sources for their image recognition technology
  • How you successfully process 10GB of raw data collected from flying a drone over a single building
  • The best time of day to run algorithms!
  • How they can benefit and substantially reduce maintenance costs for both private and commercial property owners – so if you’ve got buildings…. you need to talk to Spotr.ai!

Click here or on the pic to watch on Youtube:

If you would like more information about what Spotr.ai can do for you, contact Dirk directly at dirk@spotr.ai

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