Unveiling Software Value: Insights with Steve Pereira – Episode 39

In this episode, Andrews chats to Steve Pereira “The Value Stream Guy” from Visible Value Stream Consulting – visible.is.

Steve is an expert in software engineering, Dev Ops and getting value from your software projects. He has an eBook available about Flow Engineering, which you can find on their website here.

During this episode, they chat about:

  • Optimising the flow of value in organisations
  • The Agile Manifesto and how people get in such a mess
  • The 20% effort that will get you 80% of the benefits
  • Lean is all about finding value; so where do people go wrong?
  • Achieving your goals in small batches, feature toggles and dark launches
  • The quicker you fail, the quicker you learn, and the quicker you won’t make the same mistake again
  • And if you’re handed a piece of garbage, the best thing you can do is roll it in glitter – er… what?!


Click on the pic, or the link here to watch it on YouTube:

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