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Integrate 2024, which is the largest Microsoft technology integration conference that there is. It’s happening next month, 10th to the 11 June, at King’s Place, London. Now, if you are a CTO, a technology decision maker, an architect, developer, or integration subject matter expert, this is the place to go, because this is where the announcements are and the deep dives on everything to do with integration on the Microsoft platform. In terms of sponsors, Microsoft are the titanium sponsor, 345 technology are the platinum sponsor. I’m going to have my whole team there, so please book a meeting with us. Come and see us at the stand. And if you’re in a deep dive on any of the topics or you want to talk through anything with me or any of my, my team will be there. So please book a meeting and we’ll see you next month at integrate.

For more than 11 years, staying updated on the ever-changing Microsoft Integration technologies has been a challenge for those in the field. The INTEGRATE conference has been their go-to event.

This year’s INTEGRATE 2024 offers unique opportunities for partners like us. Not only will we gain valuable insights from leading experts, but we also have the chance to network with potential clients and build strong relationships within the Microsoft Integration community.

Join us at INTEGRATE 2024, the top Microsoft Integration technology conference happening on June 10 and 11 in London. This event is a chance to connect with experts from Microsoft and the global integration community, discussing innovative approaches to building and managing cloud-native Azure/hybrid integrations.

Why choose INTEGRATE 2024 over other events?

Unlike many events covering various cloud providers, this conference focuses specifically on Azure. It’s designed for those deeply interested in Microsoft Integration, avoiding the overwhelm of broader Microsoft events.

Whether you’re in London or not, there are benefits. If attending in person, explore London and gain knowledge. If virtual, join from anywhere in the world through INTEGRATE 2024 Live.

Top 3 reasons to attend INTEGRATE 2024 Live:

  • Insightful Sessions: Expect 15+ hours of sessions from Microsoft Product Group members and Azure MVPs.
  • Engage in Discussions: Join discussions, be part of the action, and gain valuable knowledge.
  • Connect with Microsoft: Get exclusive insights into Microsoft’s plans and engage directly with the team.

Special Offers for INTEGRATE 2024:

Enjoy ongoing special discounts to make attending the event budget friendly.

INTEGRATE 2024: Why should you attend?

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