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What's the best delivery model for you?

In the dynamic world of professional services, the saying “One size doesn’t fit all” resonates profoundly. Serving a varied clientele demands a flexible, tiered approach to service provision. This article delves into five distinct delivery models, each tailored to different levels of customer involvement and project intricacy.

The following diagram describes the delivery models at a high level. This is also known as the Shared Responsibility Delivery Model which highlights responsibilities between 345 and the customer

The following diagram describes the delivery models at a high level. This is also known as the “Shared Responsibility Delivery Model” which highlights responsibilities between 345 and the customer.

Recruitment Model:

Ideal for clients in search of specific talent for their projects, this model focuses on identifying and supplying the right candidates to fill particular roles within a client’s organisation, offering a straightforward solution to talent acquisition challenges.

Over the years we have built up a large network of trusted associates, and sometimes you’ll just want to be connected with someone that can work directly under your supervision.  In this case, you can tap into our network and we’ll match you up to the right person.  It’s like using a recruitment agency, but accessing a bank of proven talent. 

Resource Augmentation:

Elevating the basic recruitment model, resource augmentation provides skilled professionals to blend into the client’s existing team. This model suits clients needing additional manpower or specific expertise for their projects.

This is for when you’re managing your own projects and you need our highly skilled people to enrich your team.  Skills in integration, data and DevOps can be hard to come by, so even when you have teams of competent app devs you will still likely come to us to augment your own teams with these specialist capabilities. 

Managed Resource Augmentation:

Expanding upon resource augmentation, this model introduces an additional layer of management. Here, the service provider not only supplies personnel but also oversees the backlog of tasks, ensuring the team consistently focuses on high-priority tasks.

This is especially useful where you are managing a programme of work yourself but we’re helping you with a specialist workstream such as Azure Integration.  In this scenario, we’ll run an agile team under your programme umbrella that’s integrated with your organisation and interacting daily with your other teams.   

Development Team as a Service:

Offering a complete development team to work on a jointly managed backlog of tasks, this model is designed for clients who require a comprehensive team but wish to maintain control over task prioritisation and overall project direction.

With this type of engagement you have a development team at your disposal – you just need to tell them what needs doing.  Customers choosing this model are usually good at requirements and project management but they have made a conscious decision not to keep development in-house.  This model also suits customers who have their own development capability but they want our help to manage peaks in workload when their existing teams are fully utilised. 

Fully Managed Project:

The most all-encompassing model, a fully managed project, entails the service provider managing the entire project from inception to completion. This includes supervising the project scope, schedule, budget, and deliverables, ideal for clients who prefer to delegate complete project responsibility.

When you just need a problem taking off your hands, this is the model for you.  Tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest.  We’ll keep you up to date with regular status reports and check-in meetings (and give you access to all our project reporting), but there’s a minimal amount of effort needed on your part.   


Our tiered delivery models are crafted to provide the flexibility and customisation that contemporary businesses need. By presenting a spectrum of services, from straightforward talent acquisition to complete project management, we ensure that each client receives a solution that optimally fits their unique needs and circumstances. We provide these different models as we recognise that each customer has unique needs, and we remain committed to delivering excellence across all facets of customer engagement.

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