We ran a poll...

What challenges do you typically encounter during the project initiation phase? 

We ran a poll to uncover common challenges during project initiation. The results shed light on the industry’s perceptions and realities. Azure Integration, Agile Development UK, and Cloud Modernisation emerged as crucial focal points. Andrew Rivers, an industry expert, shared intriguing insights. He noted the surprising lack of concern about budget and resources. However, he emphasized the importance of aligning objectives, scope, and stakeholder interests before tackling budgeting issues. In this post, we delve into the nuances of project initiation challenges and strategies for overcoming them.

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Here’s what Andrew Rivers had to say about the results: 

Interesting that so few people thought that budget & resources were a challenge. However, this makes sense as if you haven’t lined up objectives, scope and stakeholder alignment you have no hope of setting a budget. I’m sure once these have been sorted, budget will not be far behind!

What challenges to you typically encounter during the project initiation phase?