Webinar Playback: BizTalk Migrator Launch Webinars #3: A Run Through the Code and Repos

On 27th October Microsoft finally announced the RELEASE of the BizTalk Migrator! 345 together with partners Affinus have been working with Microsoft since the start of the private preview, so we know this tool better than anyone else. Get up to speed with the experts as we take you through the easiest BizTalk-to-Azure conversion you’ve ever seen!

In this webinar

In this webinar Andrew and Dan take you through the repos (repositories) that make up the open source project and explain what they do.

Here is the low-down of what we cover:

  • Description of the design intent.
  • The packages that make up the migrator and how they interact.
  • How the tool could be extended.
  • Where you’re likely to be making contributions to the Migrator.
  • We show you the repos in GitHub.
  • Demonstration of how to debug the Migrator in Visual Studio.
  • Explanation of how the code works under the bonnet.
  • We show you where in the code you need to go to support additional BizTalk features.

Sample slides

The design goals were not just to build a tool to do one job.  It was to create the foundations to be able to migrate any solution into Azure, delivered using different types of application, and able to be extended easily.

This is how the packages fit together:

  • aimcore – this is the core runner.
  • aimtool – the command line interface and the entry point into the application.
  • aimmodel – the application model describing an integration app in Azure.
  • aimbiztalk – all components specific to a BizTalk application.
  • aimazure – all components related to the Azure solution, including templates.

This is where you might contribute to extend the tool:

  • aimtool – additions to the documentation and raising issues.
  • aimbiztalk – rules for converting additional BizTalk features into Azure.
  • aimazure – new templates for Azure components.

More on the BizTalk Migrator

Find out everything you need to know on the BizTalk Migrator by visiting our dedicated resource page:

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