Webinar Playback: BizTalk Migrator Launch Webinars #4: This is how you update the BizTalk Migrator

On 27th October Microsoft finally announced the RELEASE of the BizTalk Migrator! 345 together with partners Affinus have been working with Microsoft since the start of the private preview, so we know this tool better than anyone else. Get up to speed with the experts as we take you through the easiest BizTalk-to-Azure conversion you’ve ever seen!

What’s in today’s session:

In this session we go through a BizTalk application that includes the SFTP adapter.  We run the migrator over it and demonstrate that the migration cannot be performed automatically.

We then explain the approach to extending the migrator:

  • Add a new rule (a class containing logic for the migration).
  • Create a sample Logic Apps template.
  • Create a liquid template based on the Logic Apps template.
  • Update the configuration YAML to include the new templates.

In this session we concentrate on the first steps – we’ll do the templates next time.

We tell you how to get to the point where you can usefull add code – creating your own fork of the repo and cloning it onto your local machine.

At a minimum, you need to clone and build the aimtool and aimbiztalk repos.

We then explain in detail the way you add the new rule, including the way we analyse the properties on an adapter and how we work out which properties are supported and which ones are not.


After all this, we demo these steps by making changes to the BizTalk solution live and running the Migrator over the same BizTalk application to see the changes we’ve made in the report!

More on the BizTalk Migrator

Find out everything you need to know on the BizTalk Migrator by visiting our dedicated resource page:

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