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Welcome to our latest video! Today, we’re excited to introduce ‘345 Air,’ a revolutionary provisioning engine now available in private preview for Azure Integration Services. This tool is designed to simplify your experience with a user-friendly interface, ensuring security and flexibility right out of the box. Whether you’re embarking on new projects or seeking to streamline your existing Azure Integration Services infrastructure, 345 Air is tailored for you. Join us as we delve into the features of 345 Air, explore who can benefit the most from it, and explain why we created this solution. Don’t miss out on the details about how to participate in our private preview and accelerate your projects with 345 Air. Let’s get started!

Today, I’m going to talk about 345 Air, which is now available for private preview. Now, what is it? So, 345 Air is a provisioning engine for Azure Integration Services environments. So if you want something that’s easy to use, offers a UI-assisted experience, and allows you to build environments in Azure, this is for you. It’s secure by default, and through a series of modular templates, we can provide a flexible footprint that just meets your needs. Who’s it for? Well, if you’re planning to build on Azure Integration Services, this is definitely for you because it’s great for those greenfield projects. But if you’re already building on Azure Integration Services and need repeatable, reliable, and secure infrastructure, this is also for you. Now, why did we build it? Building secure infrastructure in the cloud is actually quite challenging. Many customers find that they spend a lot of money and time just building the infrastructure. So, if you want to save more of your money for the valuable features that deliver value and solve your business problems, this is why we’ve done it. It’s also about how quickly you can deliver that value.

So, if you want to actually be delivering real features that change people’s lives quickly, this is also for you. That’s why we did it. So, next steps: we’ve actually got the private preview open, so we’re taking applications. Register for the private preview today, and we’ll be in touch to do an assessment with you and start planning how you can use 345 Air to solve your problems faster.

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