Integration In Retail

Explore the intricacies of retail integration in our latest discussion, where we delve into the comprehensive landscape of retail operations. From customer engagement strategies like point of sale and e-commerce to the backbone of distribution and financial systems, we cover the essential components that drive retail success. Learn about the challenges and solutions in integrating diverse systems such as warehouse management, HR, payroll, and ERP systems like SAP and Oracle. This overview provides valuable insights for retailers looking to enhance efficiency, reliability, and connectivity across their business processes.

Welcome. This week, we are going to talk about integration in retail. A lot of our customers are retailers, and I just wanted to take a few moments to explain the big picture of what integration looks like in retail. What does the landscape look like? So, let’s drill into that a little bit.

For retailers, we can look at some of the concerns that we’re interested in. Obviously, there are customers; that’s a big part. But there’s also the colleagues that work in the stores and the warehouses. We’ve got distribution, we’ve got financials, we’ve got partners. So, those are just some of the concerns we’re looking at.

So, in terms of customers, then obviously in the stores, we’ve got things like point of sale, possibly self-scan. These are all systems in their own right. Online, we’ve got e-commerce, and we’ve got things like click and collect, that interface an actual website through to the store. If you look at distribution, you may have multiple warehouses, and they could have one or more warehouse management systems, and that’s where we’re instructing the warehouse to ship something. Yeah, we may have partners for third-party logistics, or we might sell things on our website that we don’t even own, and those go through to drop shippers. Similarly, on the colleague side, not only will people be in an HR system, but generally, you’d have a different system that organizes their rosters.

Retail has a lot of flexible workforce, part-time workers, that kind of thing that need to be on a roster. And there is usually specialist systems that deal with that. There’s also payroll. And payroll is kind of somewhere between HR and your financials, and obviously, your financials. Generally, the core of that is your ERP system, whether that’s SAP, Oracle, JDE, those kinds of systems, Dynamics, Business Central.

And off the back of that, you may also be sending and receiving money from your bank. So, there are all those kinds of systems that make up your organization when you’re a retailer, and as an integrator, what we need to do is to make sure that we can support business processes that connect all these different things and make sure that’s efficient, repeatable, reliable. So, that’s a quick overview, a quick introduction to integration in retail.

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